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WordPress trunk news #15, #16, #17

It’s been a while since news from the trunk have been published on my blog due to the lack of time on my part and the lack of substantially juicy stuff happening in the trunk. With WordPress 3.4 coming up most of the movement in the trunk is related to fixing bugs. So today’s post will combine the 15th, 16th and 17th editions of WordPress trunk news into one post.

WordPress trunk news 15, 16, 17

As of this day, there are 12 active tickets. And with WordPress’s 9th birthday earlier this week (yay!) here’s the latest news from the trunk.

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WordPress trunk news #14

We’ve hit May 9th, the target release day of WordPress 3.4 two days ago, and quite expectedly WordPress 3.4 is still two steps behind release at beta 4 from last week. There are currently 19 active tickets that are awaiting resolution until release. Fear not, WordPress 3.4 RC1 will probably land this coming weekend, though. WordPress core development chat offers some great insights into what’s pending (“We went from 20 tickets…to 20. Go team. 😉rboren).

WordPress trunk news 14

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WordPress trunk news #13

First of all, WordPress 3.4 beta 4 has rolled out earlier this week. Only 23 tickets are open, which means that it’s almost there.

WordPress trunk news 13

So what’s new?

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WordPress trunk news #12

No WordPress 3.4 updates this week, and the WordPress 3.4 beta 3 version is currently available. As per project schedule, the final two steps before WordPress 3.4 are release candidates RC1 and RC2. Target launch is May 9th.

At the time of writing, the WordPress 3.4 roadmap is at closed: 396 active: 92 total: 488 tickets, which is around 81% completed. Many XML-RPC privileges-type bugs fixed, we’ll probably be seeing more considering the terrific amount of new features in the XML-RPC server.

WordPress trunk news 12

And now to trunk, what’s changed?

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WordPress trunk news #11

With WordPress 3.4 still on the conveyor belt, most of the week’s changes revolve around fixing the odds and ends in last weeks’ beta 2. 156 tickets currently open.

WordPress trunk news 11

There have been a couple of changes in the 3.3 branch as well, though. The log contains all the details. WordPress 3.3.2 has been made available for download with multiple security vulnerabilities fixed. WordPress 3.4 beta 3 is also out. And now for trunk and WordPress 3.4.

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WordPress trunk news #10

With most of the work concentrated on getting WordPress 3.4 out on schedule, with 172 active tickets (1 more than last week), a lot of testing and fixes, WordPress 3.4 beta 2 has been announced. Here’s an overview of the 3.4 release workflow.

WordPress trunk news 10

This week in WordPress trunk…

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WordPress trunk news #9

It’s been around 48 hours since WordPress 3.4 beta 1 was officially released, with around 20 new tickets opened, and at least as much closed since then, there are currently 171 tickets open.

WordPress trunk news 9

Let’s see what changed this week in 3.4 and future releases of WordPress.

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WordPress trunk news #8

Another great week of WordPress 3.4 development and polishing, with everyone hoping to see beta this week, it has been postponed to later this weekend or sometime next week. 163 tickets (at the time of writing) are assigned to the WordPress 3.4 milestone.

WordPress trunk news #8

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WordPress trunk news #7

Sometime this weekend or next week (or maybe next week) WordPress development will feature freeze, meaning no more features will be added. And will be left with more or less some of the features that are expected in WordPress 3.4.

WordPress trunk news 7

Ready. Steady. Go!

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WordPress trunk news #6

Today’s been the craziest day I’ve had for quite a long long time. It’s 5AM and I still haven’t done my WordPress trunk roundup for this week. So hot cup of fresh tea ready (by the way, from today on you can hook me up with some tea to keep me going day and night :D), off we go!

WordPress trunk news #6

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