WordPress trunk news #7

Sometime this weekend or next week (or maybe next week) WordPress development will feature freeze, meaning no more features will be added. And will be left with more or less some of the features that are expected in WordPress 3.4.

WordPress trunk news 7

Ready. Steady. Go!

PHP gets to direct the show

changeset 20208

Well, not as exciting as it sounds (if it sounds exciting), but PHP will get to recursively request redirection when using the WP_Http_Curl request class. This class gets to serve wp_remote_get/post/etc. function calls when available. This means more stability and reliability when in some (especially older) environments.

wp_die() headers

changeset 20209

WordPress wp_die header

WordPress 3.3.1 on the left, WordPress trunk on the right, looks great, back in style. In case you’re wondering, the $message can contain HTML (and CSS, and even JS).

Custom headers and backgrounds

changeset 20212

add_theme_support contains ‘custom-header‘ and ‘custom-background‘ features now. These features are currently interfaced with using add_custom_image_header and add_custom_background. Both these functions and a dozen of constants have been deprecated in trunk. Is your theme using these?

get_theme_support will consume a new second argument, like 'height', to make up for the deprecation of the constants.

Both Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven have been upgraded to use these. And speaking of the Twenties.

Bye, bye, Twenty Twelve

changeset 20129

Twenty Twelve has been officially removed from trunk. Not to worry, though, we’ll be seeing it again as soon as WordPress 3.5 is on the table. Meanwhile, development has moved over to Gihub and can be accessed by visiting its public repository.

WordPress becomes less compassionate

changeset 20125

When it comes to uploading files, WordPress will not sympathize with your lack of permission to do so, no, no. You’re on your own, expect no compassion. The tiniest bits are being squeezed out the core little by little. 😀

If you missed <dev chat> this Wednesday, you can quickly read the IRC logs for the two hours that it went on for. A summary is kindly provided by Jane.

So, are you ready for the betas to roll out? Excited? Or do you think it’s being glittered too much? Don’t be fooled, check out the tickets, lots of performance bonuses, and other tasty stuff – dig in! See you next week.