WordPress trunk news #13

First of all, WordPress 3.4 beta 4 has rolled out earlier this week. Only 23 tickets are open, which means that it’s almost there.

WordPress trunk news 13

So what’s new?

XMLRPC minimum arguments

changeset 20636

All new XMLRPC methods have been laced with argument checks that ensure that a minimum amount of arguments has been passed in. This prevents notices, among conditions, when insufficient arguments are passed in.

require_if_theme_supports() is back

changeset 20642

Last week the require_if_theme_supports() function was deprecated. It’s back, though. Apparently too many themes use the function.

jQuery UI 1.8.20

changeset 20660

Released around 4 days ago, fixes a couple of bugs. WordPress has been suffering from one of these revolving around placeholder sizes in the Dashboard.

Theme Customizer within reach

changeset 20666

The Theme Customizer can now be accessed from the WordPress Admin bar:

Theme Customizer Link Admin Bar

Image caption shortcodes

changeset 20679

The image caption shortcode has been rewritten with lengthy and amplediscussion and pondering from the team. The new format is:

Older syntax appears to still be intact. The new functionality is not too stable at the moment.

image_resize_dimensions filter

changeset 20694

A new image_resize_dimensions filter has been added which allows plugins and themes to hook into the image_resize_dimensions() function to provide custom resize dimensions.

There’s a Codex entry for this filter already, dig in.

wp_terms_checklist_args filter

changeset 20710

wp_terms_checklist displays a checklist of a specific taxonomy. Now the argument list can be overridden by plugins and themes of all sorts. This is mainly designed to override the checked_ontop argument in the default scenarios (Post Edit screen).

About.php test

changeset 20720

Ryan Boren submitted some tests containing bits of verbal ingenuity and humor for the future about.php file. It lists many of the new features in WordPress 3.4 in a quite funny way 🙂 Andrew Nacin made sure that translators don’t get their fair share of the laughs.

“In your About page, talking nonsense.”

In other news, the Plugin repository changed its guidelines. And George Stephanis posted a great overview on how WordPress 3.4 tablet support has come along.