WordPress trunk news #10

With most of the work concentrated on getting WordPress 3.4 out on schedule, with 172 active tickets (1 more than last week), a lot of testing and fixes, WordPress 3.4 beta 2 has been announced. Here’s an overview of the 3.4 release workflow.

WordPress trunk news 10

This week in WordPress trunk…

…nothing of utmost interest really happened. It’s been about fixing bugs, fixing bugs introduced by fixing bugs, testing to find more bugs, moving DOM elements a couple of pixels around, etc. although we did get to see a couple of goodies.


changeset 20417

Quite a useful function. It checks the User-Agent to contain ‘Mobile’, ‘Android’, ‘BlackBerry’, ‘Opera Mini’, which should pretty much handle all cases. At the moment we are bound to use the $is_iphone global and implement our own routines for the rest of the stuff.

Looks like wp_is_mobile() is going to be defined in wp-includes/vars.php.

Larger screenshots

changeset 20426

WordPress Larger Theme List Screenshots

Pictures paint a thousand words, so let theme list screenshots be larger.

Touch Punch

changeset 20433

jQuery.ui.touch-punch.js is a small hack that maps touch events to their mouse event analogs. This hack has not been thoroughly tested (only on my iPhone and iPad).

Welcome to WordPress trunk, Touch Punch. Enjoy your stay. 🙂

My Android will never learn though, no matter what “magic touch event” library I try I still get WebView to complain with W/webview (#####): Miss a drag as we are waiting for WebCore's response for touch down. Oh, well. Later versions of Android are said to support dragging better.

Garbage collection deferred

changeset 20440

In WordPress, there’s a post status called ‘auto-draft’ which is created when a post is created for the very first time. 7-day old auto-drafts get garbage collected every time a new auto-draft is collected.

To improve performance (each post retrieved from SELECT ID FROM $wpdb->posts WHERE post_status = 'auto-draft' AND DATE_SUB( NOW(), INTERVAL 7 DAY ) > post_date is deleted in a loop) this action has been deferred and would happen in wp_delete_auto_drafts which is executed via cron.

changeset 20453 is related.

So yep, that’s it. Current WordPress 3.4 release date is aiming for May 9th, 2012. Stay tuned.