WordPress trunk news #6

Today’s been the craziest day I’ve had for quite a long long time. It’s 5AM and I still haven’t done my WordPress trunk roundup for this week. So hot cup of fresh tea ready (by the way, from today on you can hook me up with some tea to keep me going day and night :D), off we go!

WordPress trunk news #6

Distraction Free Writing

changeset 20166

This is something I always use when writing, however, if you’ve been playing around with the new wp_editor in WordPress 3.3, you could have noticed that there is a fullscreen button but apparently it never worked, no matter how much you clicked it.

WordPress DFW in Editor

…in trunk of course. The milestone for this changeset is under review, so if anything between WordPress 3.4 comes out we might get this sooner.

Multisite upload space

changeset 20170

The default upload space for a blog in a multi-site has been increase to 100M. The current default is a mere 10M, which almost always is bumped up by site network administrators.

Multi-line HTML in captions

changeset 20174

Line breaks in uploaded media captions, which currently support HTML, are further transformed into <br /> automatically, so you won’t have to even think about them.

And by the way, I missed this last week, remember this new functionality had an “Insert Link” button (see issue #3)? That’s gone now. changeset 20114

Theme Customizer

Some major tweaks and updates have occurred this weak, like file upload support in Customize mode.

WordPress Theme Customizer File Upload

Follow this very busy ticket and all its children for up to date information.


changeset 20190

index-extra.php files processed and handled default dashboard widget options. The code has been moved to ajax-actions.php instead. Three files removed, less to search through.

HTML5 “email” second-thoughts

changeset 20196

WordPress IDN Email

That’s what happens when you try to input an IDN e-mail and have HTML5 check it. This behavior has been corrected by reverting back to "text" type fields.

jQuery Masonry on standby

changeset 20206

Remember last week jQuery Masonry was included to better layout the new variable-sized headers? This functionality has been put on standby for now, however jQuery Masonry has not been removed.


As Jane’s post on the development blog explains, WordPress was rejected the Google Summer of Code 2012 mentoring status. Keep an eye out for updates in the comments.

Daylight savings time?

Starting next week, the dev chat is moving to 20:00 UTC to follow the schedule of daylight saving in the U.S.

Weekly IRC dev chats move from Wednesdays 21:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC. Check what time that is in your country.

See you next week.