WordPress trunk news #11

With WordPress 3.4 still on the conveyor belt, most of the week’s changes revolve around fixing the odds and ends in last weeks’ beta 2. 156 tickets currently open.

WordPress trunk news 11

There have been a couple of changes in the 3.3 branch as well, though. The log contains all the details. WordPress 3.3.2 has been made available for download with multiple security vulnerabilities fixed. WordPress 3.4 beta 3 is also out. And now for trunk and WordPress 3.4.

Plupload to 1.5.4

changeset 20463

A newer version of plupload has made it into trunk. It fixes some earlier issues. The jump in Plupload version from WordPress 3.3 to 3.4 will be from to 1.5.4, check out the changelog to see what’s in store.

Flexible height headers in Twenty Eleven and Twenty Ten

changeset 20470 and changeset 20474

Flexible Height Headers Twenty Eleven

No more height constraints on both classics. This has surely been eagerly awaited for by many child theme developers who roll their child themes off of Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven.

Theme Customizer is history-aware

changeset 20488

The much-anticipated Theme Customizer is now aware of the back and forward browser buttons. It employs the window.history object when available and onhashchange when not.

jQuery UI 1.8.19

changeset 20492

Current version in WordPress 3.3.1 is 1.8.16. This is the nineteenth maintenance release for jQuery UI 1.8 and quite a bit has changed and improved since last seen in WordPress.

jQuery postMessage plugin “is no more”

changeset 20518

As of changeset 20517 jQuery postMessage is no longer needed and has been discarded in favor of native window.postMessage functionality. jQuery postMessage was introduced with the first traces of the Theme Customizer to facilitate communication with it.

3.4 beta 3 and 3.3.2

changeset 20552
changeset 20553

3.2.2. changes will be described later this weekend, hopefully.

Check out WordPress 3.4 project schedule and this Wednesday’s dev chat log.