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WordPress trunk news #5

Last week’s edition of WordPress trunk news provided an overview of some of the major happenings in the very exciting Project Gandalf and the WordPress Theme API.

WordPress Trunk News #5

Here’s what happened in the WordPress trunk this past weekend and this week.

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WordPress trunk news #4

Compared to last week’s changesets, this week has seen a little more exciting action throughout the trunk. Moreover, a 20000-commit milestone has been reached this week.

WordPress Trunk News 4

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WordPress trunk news #3

With the week almost over let’s look back into the happenings inside the WordPress trunk. Many of the features described in the series will probably end up in WordPress 3.4. Check out last week’s post if you haven’t.

WordPress Trunk News #3

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WordPress trunk news #2

Looking good for WordPress 3.4, with 44% of tickets closed, and almost 200 and counting tickets open. However, no release date has been set yet. This week things haven’t been as interesting as last week, yet work has not stopped bringing the community closer to a WordPress 3.4 release.

WordPress trunk news #2

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WordPress trunk news #1

WordPress Trunk News

This week’s been very busy for the core contributors and developers of WordPress. Here are some of this week’s major changes in WordPress trunk.

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