WordPress trunk news #9

It’s been around 48 hours since WordPress 3.4 beta 1 was officially released, with around 20 new tickets opened, and at least as much closed since then, there are currently 171 tickets open.

WordPress trunk news 9

Let’s see what changed this week in 3.4 and future releases of WordPress.

beta 1

changeset 20366

First and foremost, hurray!

So long, Masonry!

changeset 20340

A little while back jQuery Masonry was introduced to help with variable height header images. A week later it was stopped from being enqueued, and this week, jQuery Masonry is out of the picture altogether.

So, why the sudden change of heart? Ticket #20345 pretty much explains it all. Some markup or incompatibility issues were found. jQuery Masonry is still planned on, though, but for now the new ticket awaits review. No milestones have been assigned.

Inline documentation

changeset 20349

Fixes some of the issues raised in ticket #19756 regarding missing and incorrect inline documentation.

At the moment, WordPress 3.4 beta 1 inline documentation contains quite a lot of errors. See if you can contribute to get some out of the way. Minimum PHP knowledge is required.

Retina icons

changeset 20356

Icons that are twice as large have been introduced for retina displays. .icon32 classes are available along with the necessary images. You can get these if you device matches the @media only screen and (-webkit-min-device-pixel-ratio: 1.5) media query.

It isn’t yet clear how custom icons for menu items are going to be given the advantage of going retina.

WordPress Retina Icons

Mysterious black box

Speaking of handheld devices, a mysterious black box was reported on the iPad.

Theme Customizer

Gets the ability to apply background and header images from the Media Library, see changeset 20358 and a link to customize the currently applied theme, among some other changes this week.


changeset 20372

A new filter is introduced. It has found its way into the getHeaderValue() method which is used by several methods of the HTTP API.

Who are you?

changeset 20378

Around an hour ago the WP_User class got a new method: exists(). The method is a simple one-liner and here it comes: return ! empty( $this->ID );. Cheers to cleaner code.

Quick update: A couple of moments later WP_Theme got its own exists() method.

So how are you finding WordPress 3.4 beta 1? Like it?