WordPress trunk news #2

Looking good for WordPress 3.4, with 44% of tickets closed, and almost 200 and counting tickets open. However, no release date has been set yet. This week things haven’t been as interesting as last week, yet work has not stopped bringing the community closer to a WordPress 3.4 release.

WordPress trunk news #2

Optional metadata keying

changeset #19908

get_post_meta and comment, user counterparts can be called without supplying the $key parameter. All metadata will be returned for an object ID. A great convenience, seeing that get_post_custom caches metadata for continuous use.

twentytwelve Theme changes

changeset #19915

Custom header support has been added along with content templates and a full-width template. Design-wise minor improvements have been implemented. The second update to twentyeleven provides an overview on what the team is currently working on. As a reminder, freeze date is on the 29th of February.

Can’t wait to try it out? svn co https://core.svn.wordpress.org/trunk/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve, it’s far from production ready, though.

Say goodbye to wp-pass.php

changeset #19925

wp-pass.php is a tiny file in the root directory that “Creates the password cookie and redirects back to where the visitor was before.” All logic is going has been moved to a wp-login.php action.


changeset #19935

  • logIO()
  • log_app()
  • debug_fwrite(), debug_fopen(), debug_fclose()

These functions have been deprecated in the trunk, and will probably be in 3.4, so make sure you plugins and themes don’t use these dinosaurs.

Autocomplete for Multisite Sites and Users

This is one of the features we’ll probably be seeing in WordPress 3.4, with work being conducted every day. Follow ticket #19810 for more information.

We might be seeing an anniversary changeset 20000 next week, or the week after, showing the enormous amount of work the WordPress development teams and the community has done to make WordPress better.

A bird’s eye view of the upcoming features and changes can be checked out here. Follow the timeline and the WordPress Development Updates blog for daily insight into what WordPress 3.4 might look like.