WordPress trunk news #3

With the week almost over let’s look back into the happenings inside the WordPress trunk. Many of the features described in the series will probably end up in WordPress 3.4. Check out last week’s post if you haven’t.

WordPress Trunk News #3

WordPress login logo

changeset 19937

The login-logo.png screen logo has been merged with the wordpress-logo.png file. The former is a bit darker and there was apparently no reason to have two logos that are a little different. If any of your plugins rely on pulling the /wp-admin/images/login-logo.png file, it may break if this makes it into 3.4.

WP_Screen getters

changeset 19944

This changeset introduces three public methods of the WP_Screen class:

  • get_help_tabs()
  • get_help_tab( $id )
  • get_help_sidebar()

Twenty Twelve theme changes

A set of commits have been applied in the middle of the week, bringing us closer to the February 29th, 2012 freeze.

Twenty Twelve WordPress theme can be tried and tested. Don’t use in production yet, even though it’s beginning to look very good. It has been added to the official list of WordPress theme pretenders.

Bundled plugin headers

changeset 19965

Both Hello Dolly and Akismet WordPress plugin descriptions are most probably going to be translatable. The descriptions appear in the Plugins list inside of the Dashboard. The makepot tool has been updated to reflect the changes.

changeset 19968 takes care of theme template names as well. These should be translatable in the next release.

Word count for Eastern Languages

changeset 19966

Looks like word count for languages where a character is a word will work properly after all. Work is being done on changeset 19971

Further work has been done on the infinite scroll enhancement for Dashboard theme lists. WordPress currently paginates the available themes. Users with JavaScript disabled will still get pagination.

HTML in image captions

changeset 19982

A much requested feature looks like is making its way into WordPress 3.4. Image captions will probably be able to contain HTML tags. The most lucrative use would of course be links.

Links in WordPress Image Captions

Links in WordPress Image Captions

Looking forward to next weeks commits and changes. Next week is very important, as the twentytwelve WordPress theme should be frozen, and, we’ll get to celebrate the 20000th commit to WordPress core (let’s hope bumpbot doesn’t get the honors ;)).