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Another 7 Overlooked WordPress Helper Functions

In a previous post we looked at 7 Overlooked WordPress Helper Functions. Today I’ll dig deep and find more helpful undocumented functions that WordPress uses internally that can be of help when developing plugins and themes. Leveraging code that is already available in the core, is maintained and simply works can save you quite a bit of coding and debugging time.

7 More Overlooked WordPress Functions

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WordPress trunk news #2

Looking good for WordPress 3.4, with 44% of tickets closed, and almost 200 and counting tickets open. However, no release date has been set yet. This week things haven’t been as interesting as last week, yet work has not stopped bringing the community closer to a WordPress 3.4 release.

WordPress trunk news #2

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7 Overlooked WordPress Helper Functions

Code reuse is key to solid development. When developing large-scale WordPress plugins and themes you are bound to write helper functions to solve certain tasks. WordPress has around 10,000 functions in its core so the probability that a helper function that you’re about to write already exists could be quite high.

7 Overlooked WordPress Helper Functions

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