20,000 WordPress Commits

From b2/cafelog fork to full-scale CMS giant, powering over 60% (and rising) of the top million websites (according to BuiltWith), WordPress has been there for us for almost 9 years now; from those of you who got to download the first 0.70 version and those, who are downloading WordPress today (version 3.3.1) for the first time ever.

20000 Commits in WordPress

image props: 7 years of WordPress, visualized with Gource

Today is an important day for WordPress (at least I do think so). Ever since WordPress development has moved from CVS to SVN (using cvs2svn) we were able to track its development day after day, from the very first “New repository initialized by cvs2svn.” commit by anonymous (no, not that anonymous, Matt Mullenweg anonymous) up to today’s incredible milestone: changeset #20000, brought in by Ryan Boren, a great honor, I must say!

What do these 20,000 commits in the core mean? (in no particular order)

  • Hard work and effort
  • Dedication
  • Stability and reliability
  • Security
  • Ongoing strive for perfection
  • Quality and support
  • Community
  • Knowledge
  • a 5.8MB SVN log file

Lot at the dots…

…Each dot represents a WordPress.com-hosted core booting up, right there right now, to provide open communication, ease-of-use and thoughts, emotions (unless it’s a spam bot at work). If dots are added for the activity across all WordPress sites, and include page hits into the activity, we’d see the extent of how many times WordPress code just works.

My appreciation for what the WordPress core does and how it does it has been ever-growing, ever-insightful and ever-inspiring. The code is alive, changing almost every day. Working with the it, reading lines from it often brings nothing but happiness and joy (can’t say the same for some of the plugins and themes out there, though). So elegant, fun, fast and courageous. Poetry.


Can’t thank the core contributors and the community, including plugin writers and theme developers, enough for making WordPress not just another PHP script, but a culture, an environment to feel happy in, to communicate and be alive. Thank you WordPress.