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Building WordPress for Android

WordPress clients are available for many devices, but since I’m an Android fan I get to use WordPress for Android.
Yesterday, I came across a bug report outside of the developer ecosystem, managed to reproduce the bug using the release version, and, decided to write and submit a patch to fix the bug.

The main WordPress for Android repository is over at GitHub. But as it turns out…

Building WordPress for Android

…one does not simply build WordPress for Android.

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Command Line Android Development: Basics

Although the Android ADT plugin in Eclipse provides some of the fanciest and most convenient development tools, with its graphical interfaces for resource editing, for one, and the million and one Eclipse IDE features on top of it all, I prefer to handle things at a lower level. There’s much more to learn from hitting the docs than to hit “Import missing packages” and “List override methods”, isn’t there?

Command Line Android Development

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