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Multiple Development Environments on One Domain

While it’s true that distributed development should be managed by source control, with each participating party pushing or issuing pull requests from within their own environments, this is sometimes not possible.

Participants might not be able to setup their own development environments in light of many possible reasons and limitations. So remote development environments are usually setup for such participants so that they can work on their own forks of a project without interfering with others’ work. S/FTP/S is usually used, due to their inability to use version control remotely.

Here’s an interesting strategy that came to mind that allows participants to have their own environments on one single domain, single server, with the ability to switch between them without having to edit their hosts files or any other magic.

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WordPress.org Repository List

The WordPress.org SVN server hosts some interesting repositories apart from WordPress.org plugins and themes, some of which are not too widely known, and might be considered to be obscure or not pertaining to WordPress in any direct way.

Here’s a list of some of the useful and intriguing ones:

Know of any other?