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WordPress Mail Routed via Postfix SMTP Relays

By default, the WordPress wp_mail function will not set the actual sender for sendmail and mail backends. This means that the Postfix relay will set the sender to the default $domain instead of the actual sender. Which, in turn, means that when using relay maps (sender_dependent_relayhost_maps) to map senders to correct SMTP relays none of them is matched because of the sender is not set correctly…


Fortunately, the mailer class used by WordPress, PHPMailer knows how to correctly specify the sender via the chosen backend (which in WordPress is the mail backend). By setting the Sender property of the mailer we’re able to have Postfix identify the sender correctly.

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Generate WordPress Posts From Fan Mail

Whenever I dig around the WordPress source code, I try to come up with crazy functionality ideas and scenarios that at least one person in the world might find useful, write them down and come back to them and write some code whenever I feel like relaxing and having a bit of fun. Today is one of those days.

Generate WordPress Posts From Reader Fanmail

In one of my last week’s posts titled Another 7 Overlooked WordPress Helper Functions, I mentioned the POP3 library that is bundled with WordPress as something one can use.

Useful for all sorts of interesting things, like parsing reader fan mail to draft posts automatically, answering them and publishing them.

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