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File Upload Progress in PHP 5.4

With the release of PHP 5.4 the file upload progress feature becomes available. Yes, “available” as in “you can use it in your project now”.

PHP 5.4 File Upload Progress

This is a quick start guide with the least amount of code required, using jQuery’s compact AJAX requests and iframes.

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PHP 5.4 – A Week In

It’s been a week since I switched over to PHP 5.4 and here’s what I can say, even though I haven’t had much time to use the new features I was looking forward to.

PHP 5.4

First of all, you won’t find PHP in your distribution repositories, it’s too early. Grab the source and compile.

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What To Expect In PHP 5.4

What To Expect In PHP 5.4

With Release Candidate 7 available for download PHP is moving moving towards the final release of the much-anticipated (almost 3 years since PHP 5.3) 5.4 version. Here are a some things you’ll be able to enjoy or rant about.

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