Command Line Android Development: Debugging

Continuing into Command Line Android Development (last week I did a piece on Command Line Android Development: Basics), today I’d like to go over some of the techniques that allow for debugging applications from the command line.

Command Line Android Application Debugging

I personally have a distaste towards IDEs, preferring lightweight solutions, with maybe less convenience. I addition to saving resources and having direct control over what happens and what doesn’t, I find that by doing things the low level way you begin to better understand how things work.

Sure, Eclipse will let you debug in 2 clicks, but what do you learn besides that you application has a bug? There should always be time to learn a thing or two about the underlying technologies. What if one day, you have to SSH into a server and debug a Java application right there and then? If you’ve never seen anything beyond Eclipse in your life you’re in for some hair pulling. So let’s learn some low level stuff.

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