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List All Posts In WordPress Navigation Menu

You may remember that last week, I’ve been dabbling in the world or WordPress navigation manus hacking around and looking into how to get dynamic Custom Post Type Archives in WordPress Menus.

I got directed towards a related and highly interesting question by @topher1kenobe. Couldn’t stop thinking about an easy and viable solution, so decided to go ahead and code it up.

List All Posts In Nav Menus WordPress

I know WordPress can automatically add pages to a custom menu, but can we have one where it’ll automatically add posts from a custom content type?

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Custom Post Type Archives In WordPress Menus!

You may have read about the Custom Post Type Archives In WordPress Menus dilemma that I brushed over quickly yesterday. Today, after a bit of sleep, I’m ready to publish some concept code that adds Custom Post Type archives to the WordPress-powered menus. It’s going to get dirty, you’ve been warned.

Custom Post Type Archives in WordPress Menus

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