I’ve been infatuated with computers since the late 90s. I started out playing with BASIC and its later variations (DarkBASIC, Visual Basic), then moved on to PHP in mid-00s. I taught myself C++ (is that even possible?) and C, assembly after graduating (teaching English, which I didn’t want to do) and started my lifetime journey of learning by doing, and I’m proud of it.

In the recent handful of years I’ve been active in the WordPress community, organizing WordCamps, contributor workshops, meetups, etc. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping people to “finally get it”. Programming takes a certain kind of mindset that not everyone can immediately uncover (or not in a lifetime, unfortunately). I don’t claim to know everything, so we’ll be doing a lot of learning together.

One hour with me can change the way you look at programming. If not you can keep my fee 🙂

Who is mentoring for?

  • People who are absolutely new to programming, maybe trying to figure out whether it’s something they are willing to pursue
  • People who are somewhat familiar with programming, would like to start a career out of it
  • Experienced developers who are looking to boost their paycheck, knowledge, motivation and philosophy

How does it work?

Mentees book a live hourly session where we talk and code, code and talk. We solve specific work/project questions and issues, or set a roadmap to learn new things, find freelance jobs, discover how maintain your motivation and not go insane. This is usually enough for one or two weeks of hard work on your end.

How much does it cost?

One 1-hour session costs $90 and opens 7 days of email follow ups and check-ins (up to 48-hours response time). Discounts are available upon enquiry, depending on your situation.

Let’s book our first session together

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