Bustone – Time and Space

…or the lost and found of underground ultra rare Christian Hip-Hop songs

…or “Are you insane? You haven’t written anything programming-related in over a year and you come back with this nonsense?”

Yes. Bear with me. Nostalgia ahead.

A very long time ago, back in the very early 00s, when modems were slow, IRC was full of people and Cartoon Network was running Dragon Ball Z there was a website called audiogalaxy.com which I scoured (pirated) for hip-hop tunes, burned them to an MP3 (wow!) CD and listened to them on my first and only CD/MP3/VCD player. One of the tunes was called “Time and Space”. A tune that never left my heart, but one that I was unable to find since 2005 when I switched to a portable USB MP3 player and forgot about CDs altogether.

I’ve reluctantly tried to search for the song by its name (not knowing the artist, but remembering that it was marked as “Sphere of Hip-Hop”) without much luck… a post on Reddit yielded nothing, neither contacting a couple of the former artists from the now defunct label under the name that I also had downloaded tracks for.

I then had the bright idea to send the link to the Reddit post as comments under some similar YouTube videos, like: here. Two of my comments got a hit: here here with someone remembering something similar, and, more importantly: here.

What a Shh Bby Is Ok magical moment!

An ultra rare hip-hop song about Jesus Christ that has absolutely no trace online (seriously, try searching for part of the lyrics, or the artist, nothing at all, it’s insane!) that someone on the other side of the world happened to have read a comment about on a YouTube video with just 60 views on it, also happened to have a minidisc (!!!) with the song that was probably downloaded less than a hundred times almost 20 years ago, ripped it and and sent it over to me. And all this during one of the hardest/”insanest” 24 hours of my life! I’m an atheist, but if this is not a sign from God I don’t know what is! Hahah! Incredible!

So here it is for history, for legacy, the incredible Bustone – Time and Space 🙂

Along with the lyrics (or what I could make out of them):


To every area (to every area) time and space (time and space)
In every area (in every area) space and land (space and land)


Lace the global map with raps, making initial contact,
Aliens would sound trash, so we spit over boombaps.
What we spit is lived with the truths to blast inconsistent messages
of lyrics, which are known to lack sense.

Henceforth we dispense more sense than what’s common,
Common or uncommon no need for rewinding,
Making it clear, and drop the truth as we appear.
Don’t burn when Christ returns in your atmosphere.

Hear and now, we’ve been the news to start the global conquest,
Grabbing hearts of Christ to reproduce the same actions,
Don’t let ill rap, son, be a distraction
But focus on Christ ’cause he’s a massive satisfaction.

So catch the coming attractions, get the tickets before they sell out,
We come lose some words to change lives without a doubt,
Crying loud and swearing out, swearing out and crying loud,
Bustone up in your spot next night might be your town.

Again and again, it’s Speedy and Transcend,
Constantly spitting Christ like we had phlegm,
Together we blend like orchestras and violins,
On the next level,

Crushing hard rock devils to pebbles and dust.
It’s a must (It’s a must) that we bust one, Bustone! (Yo! Yo!)
To every area (to every area) time and space (time and space)


To every area time and space
Walking live up in your set, bringing Christ to your place and
In every area space and land
Revolutionary rap flow with the mics in our hand
To every area time and space
Walking live up in your set, bringing Christ to your place and
In every area space and land
Revolutionary rap flow with the mics in our hand


Compose some lyrical symphonies to bless your heart with (heart with),
Robotic sounds switch it down and touch down and pound your grounds,
Spitting out around you, surround you, getting your
Full attention delivering this message to you while..

Splattering lyrics from Earth to Saturn, and spirits
hold together when I spit it, admit it the infinite reigns,
The precipitation for your information,
I gotta report back to my space station

In the heavenlies, we Bustone we’re rocking steadily,
Rocking steadily, steadily rocking, no matter.
Give us a crowd of bodies we’ll get them hyped, we’re cool like sure,
When this rhythm train stops and they’ll applaud for sure,

Give them a stand ovation around the clock, I was a six times four,
Screaming demon or ghost of before.
Cause this complete elevation, win collaborations of Puerto Ricans and Haitians,
are spiced like mic devices.

Prime and devine like Christ is. End well?
Let’s move to the next spot, let’s begin…

If anyone knows anything about the artist, the song, lyrics correction etc. please do leave a comment below. There’s absolutely zero information on the artist or the song out there.

P.S.: This is one of two songs that I’ve been looking for a very long time. The other one is an 2006-2008 Dubstep tune. Here is beatbox rendition from memory. I think it was called Sirens, but it was probably unnamed and I just named it myself.