Buy me some tea

Hey, tea is what keeps me running all day and night long. If you’ve enjoyed any of my work I was probably drinking some great hot tea while writing/coding/hacking.

Oolong Tea

Directly from China, twice as much caffeine as coffee. Keeps me awake through the harshest conditions. One teapot (two spoonfulls).

for 1.00 USD

More Oolong Tea

Even more Oolong tea. 100 grams of pure goodness directly from China.

for 5.00 USD

Pu Erh Tuo Cha

Post-fermented tea with a very specific taste, color and texture; the older the better. One of my favorite kinds of tea, being very refreshing and energizing, thought provoking.

for 10.00 USD

(Inspired by my brother Konstantin’s Buy Me A Beer page)